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This space is made for professionals only.

Only available in english.


With the time, you'll find special documents like:
- our "best of" of each year with documented cases (explanations & pictures of each step.
- specials documents of interest.
- professional books of reference.
- procedures and tools to improve collaboration with the lab & succeede better workstogether.


In order to help our customers to plan cases better and easier, we made 2 plannings availables online:



Each customer has a password & user ID. ("LOGIN" at the right side of window into "OVERVIEW")
Available on request for our main clients. Please see info of each day calendar legend.
calendar software (Sunbird) is also available and allow to see directely your deliveries from your computer. Download at the following page the english or portuguese version: (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/sunbird/l10n_download.html) , and after installation, we can send you the link for the 2 calendar hereover to be always updated from the net.



Informations to improve our communications and working quality. Point 3-4-5 will start to be online during 11.2007.


On the request of many customers, we make part of our working process available here. There are not so many pages as you see on the picture hereover!



Some well known basic rules, but also expert advices for the daily practice of photography.



Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail with your recommendations for the best book you see!



From beginning 2008, some informations might be available only for our customers. Actually there are no limitations.

















Sunbird Calendar is allways syncronised:







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